Micro-Colocation.com – Your flexible colocation for Raspberry, Odroid, NVIDIA Jetson Nano and similar SBCs

With our colocation for small IT devices like Single Board Computers (SBC) there is only one limit: The rack space. The three different rack spaces define what you can install. For example a Raspberry Pi and two external drives including an additional power socket or just an Odroid.

With the flexible options for upload/download, rack space, power and remote access, up to 60 different configurations are possible.

We call this the world’s most flexible colocation for SBCs.

Sample configurations

The colocation

Like our B2B focused AI Instances, we operate the Micro Colocation in our own decentralized data centers. For example, in wind turbines or in containers on solar parks. Of course, the power supply is guaranteed even when there is no wind or the sun is not shining. During this period, a large part of the energy is supplied by the accumulators of our partner company Netzflex.

Green energy and decentralization are an integral part of our buisness model!

Our specially developed rack for SBCs in the base of a wind turbine.

In this video you can see the installation of a Raspberry Pi in our colocation. Our self-developed SBC rack is installed in the base of the wind turbine in the data center region Leipzig – Micro Colocations at the edge.