What does a typical colocation setup look like?

Rack Space 100x70x30

A Raspberry Pi 4 that only uses its SD card as storage medium fits comfortably in the Rack Space 100x70x30. For its power supply, the USB Power Connection Incl. Remote On/Off option is ideal. Additionally, we always recommend the Remote Access option for Raspberry Pi. In this combination you have full control via remote maintenance and often save the for us time consuming and therefore for you relatively expensive remote hands, if your Pi hangs.

Examples for rack space 100x70x30 mm

Rack Space 130x90x40

If your Pi (or your Odroid or …) needs a bit more storage, just book the Rack Space 130x90x40 and add a USB 2.5 inch SSD with cable to your shipment. The same rack space will fit a Pi with a small HAT attachment.

And an Jetson Nano also fits inside. In this case you need the AC 230V socket option, because the power supply via USB Power Connection is not possible. Please note that you have to send the power supply including the connection cable.

Examples for rack space 130x90x40 mm

Rack Space 160x120x100

If you want your own file server to be really bulky, take our largest rack space plus additional AC 230V sockets that will safely power your terabyte hard drives. Related cables and power supplies of the hard drive have to be part of the delivery, but your Pi can be powered by the USB Power Connection.

Examples for rack space 160x120x100 mm
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