How do my devices get power?

Basically, every device in your colocation needs its own power source. For example, it is not possible to book an AC 230V socket and send distribution sockets as part of the equipment to which all devices are connected. The USB Power Connection Incl. Remote On/Off we offer is also not designed to run multiple systems, but only one. The following applies: A booked power source may only be used for one device. Two for two devices, three for three devices, etc.

To power all devices of your rack space, there are several options available, which you can combine as you like…

USB Power Connection

If your computer can be powered by USB and 2A (with possible peaks up to 3A) and ideally has a USB-C or USB-Micro connector (see cables), then we strongly recommend the option USB Power Connection Incl. Remote On/Off. For a Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4 this power connection is ideal, also in our own infrastructure this installation is often in use.

AC 230V Sockets

Furthermore there is the option AC 230V Socket. It has to be booked if a USB power supply is not possible, more power is needed or multiple devices are used. In this case only the socket is booked, the corresponding power supply incl. cable has to be provided by you. However, the power supply is not part of the rack space, so you can ignore it in your space planning.

Fair use

Also, the power requirements of your equipment must always be within the normal range of small IT devices. Mining hardware that causes all power lines of the rack to glow and the hot air dryer mentioned elsewhere are not allowed. Commercially available single board computers with a hard-working GPU like the Jetson Nano are not affected by this restriction and can of course be installed. The boundaries are unfortunately fluid in this context, please contact us in case of doubt before booking.

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