What happens if I can no longer access my devices?

We all know: Every computer has problems sooner or later and has to be switched off and on again for a short time for a reboot. If you use the USB Power Connection Incl. Remote On/Off, this is easily done via our web GUI:

Power on/off with just one click

Additionally, we always recommend the Remote Access option (currently officially tested with Raspberry Pi only, but see the link for more details). In this combination you have full control via remote maintenance and can also log in if a firewall rule fails.

If you can’t solve the problem remotely, then you can request remote hands via ticket at any time. Typical in this context is restarting a device by briefly interrupting the power or sending back a faulty SD card. Remote hands are always associated with staff effort for us and are therefore charged at 19.99 € incl. 19% VAT per 15 minutes. The reboot (power off/on) of a computer as well as the exchange of a memory card would be completed within 15 minutes, for example. In addition, there might be shipping costs for an exchange. The whole process will be discussed between you and us beforehand via ticket. For remote Hhnds you will also always receive a separate invoice.

Please note: Remote hands have limits. Simply said, we only perform actions on the hardware, but never on the software. If your system does not boot up due to a configuration error, we will not edit the corresponding settings on the fly, but have to send the hardware (e.g. the SD card) back to you. The reason is obvious: It is your system, your data, which we never access.

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