What requirements should my hardware meet?

In principle, you are completely free to choose your devices as long as they comply with the guidelines of the booked colocation. However, since we have to charge separately for any remote hands, we strongly recommend that you use suitable hardware that meets the following criteria:

  • Generally speaking, the use of excessively cheap products does not pay off in colocations due to the frequent failures. This applies in particular to storage media. The focus should always be on durability instead of speed (for SD cards, this applies to the models Transcend High Endurance Gold and SanDisk Max Endurance, for example).
  • If your devices are powered via AC 230V socket, please use a sufficiently sized power supply.
  • Even a small single board computer can need more power than expected. For example, a Raspberry Pi that is pimped in every way may demand 3A throughout. In such cases you should better book an AC 230V socket instead of the USB Power Connection and add a 3A power supply to your delivery.
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