What is the required IPv6 configuration?

Like the majority of existing hosters, we currently require static configuration of the following IPv6 data: IP address, gateway IP, nameserver IP and NTP server IP. All these addresses will be displayed after booking your colocation and you have to enter them in the respective configuration files of your OS. Please note that not all systems and/or input masks support the fixed definition of the gateway IP. E.g. the dhcpcd all-in-one ZeroConf client, which is enabled by default in Raspberry Pi OS, does not have such an option and instead relies on the IPv6 immanent SLAAC/DHCPv6 principle. In the future we will support these and other interesting aspects of the IPv6 protocol, but for the moment only the conservative one-static-IP variant is available. In this example we have to disable dhcpcd and use the old Debian /etc/network/interfaces configuration. The necessary command sequence can be found in our GitHub Wiki.

If necessary, you can also create a AAAA entry (at any external DNS service provider), so that your colocation computer can be reached by hostname. This entry has nothing to do with our colocation, we do not offer a DNS registry service.

More about the network can be found in How is my colocation connected to the Internet?

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